Gl. (r) Marius OPRAN

Technology Advisor

Marius is a member of the Board of Directors, Chief Scientist Defence, Security, SSA-Romanian Space Agency / Member, EU Economic and Social Committee, Expert NATO-SPS, EDA-EOST His mission is to promote worldwide state-of-the-art projects and new frontier technologies developed by…


Founder & Ceo At Cyber Smart Defence

Madalin Dumitru is the Founder & CEO of Cyber Smart Defence with 20+ years experience in cybersecurity. Cyber Smart Defence was founded to respond to the growing threats in cybersecurity. During the years, Madalin and his elite team of ethical…

Alexandra ENUICA

Technology Advisor

Alexandra is an expert in Remote Sensing, X-ray and Laser technologies. She is the Director of the R&D Team who’s mission is to deliver laser-based communications for the Solidus HPC infrastructure. She brings value to the team by sharing her…


Strategy Advisor

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