Tower DEX Features

Revolutionary Secure Messaging & Exchange DApp

No centralised data storage. No privacy issues. No censorship. You’re the only one who’s able to access and manage your messages.

Tower DEX is a decentralised network of independent nodes designed to be censorship-resistant. The platform users can send value inside a secured chat session without having to share they wallet addresses.


Creative App for Your Easy Life!

  • Encrypted Messenger
    Communicate directly and anonymously by messaging/phone/video with any other wallet owner in the world, based only on wallet addresses or QR contact card.
  • Secure multi-wallet system
    Communications, file storage and transactions secure from hackers and 3rd party interference via a decentralised distributed node network.
  • Decentralised Exchange
    Our AMM-based DEX supports seamless cross-chain swaps and a multitude of DeFi applications by utilising the TOWER BLOCKCHAIN, a near-zero fee and horizontally scalable decentralised network.
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